Atlantic Regional Center for Foreign Investment (ARCFI)

Exclusive Visas Story

EB-5 investors and EB-5 projects share the same set of goals: Create the ten jobs per investor required by the program to grant the investor permanent residence within 24 months and meet the expected return on investment (usually within 6 years). If these goals are achieved both parties benefit.

Since the project has at least five years to achieve its investment goal, its top priority is job creation. This requirement must be satisfied within two short years. It is therefore vital to both parties that they adapt a mutual sense of urgency in addressing how the investment is structured and how it achieves its goals.

Early release can mutually benefit both the project and the EB-5 applicant since it allows the project to put the investor’s money to use ASAP and fully utilize the allowed 24 months to develop the required jobs without suffering delays and confusion caused by USCIS backlogs in processing…

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